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I lost my job — boo-urns. I found a really cool new job — hooray!

I turned thirty — yikes! I heard some excellent music, I met some incredible people, I saw great live performances and I got to visit America with the money I gained from being made redundant.

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Gilead Fest was honestly one of the greatest experiences of my life. I spent the weekend with my best friend and his lovely lady, and some of the most passionate, dedicated and downright amazing people I have ever had the privilege to meet. There are too many to mention, but for everyone who made that weekend so damn memorable, I thank you. So , I am ready for you. The Woods of Desolation of is an altogether different animal, with sole member D.

FABLED BLACK RIDER "Bleak Woods Of Suicide"

Look at how obscure my musical interests are! It stands to reason that I am therefore approaching with a hefty dose of side-eye. I am unsure as to how it will unfold and reveal itself. Therefore, the only way I feel I can truly close the door on this year, while leaving it slightly ajar for the coming one albeit with the door chain left on is, to party like a parent. Firstly, all food must be in miniature form. Vol au vents, quiches, sticky cocktail sausages… you get the gist.

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Attire is strictly stretchy and contains various patterns of plaid. The gauntlet will be thrown in relation to the dregs left at the bottom of the tin of Roses. Where I will see it as a public service to drain the unloved coffee and the ones with the texture of tree bark remains so as to properly dispose of said tin.

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At some stage, my husband will produce a questionable array of sandwiches in his bid to clear the fridge of any remnants of the festive season. Which will cause us all to pull apart such offerings to examine the contents. We will attempt a boardgame. Because my children are evidently masochists, they will reach for Monopoly. It will not end well and we will remember why it was that Game Night Fridays were banned.

Review: Brian Wood’s BLACK ROAD Is Bleak and Beautiful — Nerdist

We will wheedle and cajole our kids into staying awake to see the clock turn twelve. They never make it past The first knowledge I have of the ushering in of the New Year is when I am awakened by the party across.

Swiftly followed by the cat torpedoing up the stairs and onto our bed as a result of the fizzing and cracking fireworks. The loose ball was picked up by Hurrell on the left wing and he ran fifty yards passing three defenders with the ball glued to his feet, twisting and turning into the penalty area at breathtaking pace before clipping the ball beyond Ross Flitney in the Dover Athletic goal.

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Wood were dominant at this stage but the visitors equalised after 38 minutes. A cross from the left was helped across the penalty area by Wilkinson, falling for Baker, who quite brilliantly killed the ball before hitting an unstoppable half volley into the top right hand corner of the net.

satanis maleficarum-Under the Shades of the Bleak Woods I Praise My Power

Minutes later and the sublime Hurrell rounded the hapless Aisien then Joe Tabiri, threading a beautiful pass through to Ali Chaaban who finished wide of Flitney, only to be undone by a very late flag. This was the turning point of a superb game, with the standard of football improving with time. Ollie Schulz saw his power header from a corner cleared off the line by Mario Noto, for a second corner. Wood cleared as far as Baker on the edge of the area who for the second time in the game produced a brilliant volley that looped into the net through a packed penalty area.

Two minutes later and Jones dallied on a back pass. With Norville closing down he smashed a clearance against the centre forward which looped back into the net, making it 2 — 3.

Bleak Woods Bleak Woods
Bleak Woods Bleak Woods
Bleak Woods Bleak Woods
Bleak Woods Bleak Woods
Bleak Woods Bleak Woods
Bleak Woods Bleak Woods

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